17 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Update

Good Morning. I released my 17 week Pregnancy Update over on my ((youtube channel)) and quite a bit changed last week. The highlight of which- I can feel my baby!  Read on below:

Here are some pictures of my 17.5 week bump: 


This week’s goal  is to continue with prenatal workouts; I started last week and I was hurting! Per doctor’s orders (and listening to my own body), I wasn’t able to exercise until now and it truly felt like I hadn’t worked out in 4.5 months! OUCH!

Hear all the other things that happened this week and some answers to subscriber questions by clicking play on the video play below!


I am now in week 18 and we’ll find out baby’s sex in a few short weeks! I am taking it one day at a time while our little blessing continues to grow, healthily, happily, and wiggling away in there!! =)


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