3 Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care During The Love Month

3 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care

If you do a quick search on self-care you may find huge life-altering moments requiring time and money which we just may not have. Self-care doesn’t have to be life-altering, but it will change your life. 

During Valentines Day or month, it’s easy to set your sights on showering your relationship with love and affection, and it can often be hard or felt undeserving of to turn those efforts inward and give yourself that same level of care. We are stressed, it happens, by life, relationships, work, even hobbies, leaving us feeling drained.  In each week there are tasks that can help you to gain inspiration, nurture your mind, body, and soul, and help relieve stress. Let’s talk 3 easy ways to practice self-care this month, and all months to follow.

Detox Water

  1. Drink more Water. Drinking water is good for your general well-being and yet so many people still don’t drink enough! Buy yourself a water bottle that makes you want to stay hydrated. Sounds crazy right? I find that when I have water in a cup with a lid and straw, I’m 90 times more likely to hydrate throughout the day (it has to be a straw, not a sippy-contraption, not an open-close lid).  Really..normally I have a hot tea that turns cold that I struggle to sip on throughout the day #momlife but when I have a cute cup with a lid and a straw that I can easily carry around the house spill-free and toddler-proof, I’m hydrated! Make sure you’re constantly refilling your glass throughout the day! Not a water fan, try infusing your water with cucumbers or apple slices.
  2. “Me” Time. Take It. Don’t feel guilty about dedicating time to yourself. What helps you find inspiration, and relax, away from social media?  It is so freeing to have your hands kept busy off of the phone or computer. Take a bath (more on this in the next Valentine post), go for a bike ride, apply a face mask. Do something that gives you a well deserved break!
  3. Nourish Yourself. Improve your eating habits by starting with your grocery list. Opt for a few healthy items, fresh fruit or veggies, what you have is what you’ll eat, so opt for a few healthy changes. Not only does what you eat play role in your budget (how often are you eating out?), but it plays a huge role in how you feel.

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