4 Things That Make Me Feel Happy Today

I’m happy today. It’s Saturday and there are a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now. I thought I would share with you a few things that make me feel happy today. Hopefully this post will help you think of your own “happy thoughts.” Don’t forget to pin the images to your Pinterest and circle back later.

4 THINGS THAT MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY via kelllysvida.com

1. We are healthy. I know this is more of a gratitude however it’s something that I never take lightly even for  a day. Not everyone has good health and for that reason alone it is something I never take for granted.

2. My craft. I have been pulled in a lot of directions with my craft lately finding new loves in the creative space. However my first craft is still one I am passionate about and that is all things photography & videography. I absolutely LOVE being behind the lens and capturing life’s moments and memories. My favorite moments are holidays and travels-creating our Pumpkin Patch video and Halloween video always sparks a bit of excitement in my heart. You can watch those videos here (pumpkin patch) and here (halloween 2017).

3. Workspace. I’m currently sitting in my workspace. To the left of me are plants, a himalayan rock salt lamp, a pile of fabric, and my wall-hanging and to the right, completed blankets. In my desk drawer; camera lenses, yarn, fabric, bobbins, my planner. I feel so incredibly inspired sitting here. We closed on our home a little shy of a year ago and I have wanted to complete this workspace for so long. It’s not quite complete but it’s inspiring and that makes me happy.

4. Christmas is closing in. Ha! I had to mention this. For as long as I can remember I have loved the holiday season. Even as an adult there is something so magical and warm that you can’t help but smile. It doesn’t hurt that both my daughter and I were born around Christmas (my husband was born around Thanksgiving), so the holiday season means that much more. I’ve seen a lot of people start decorating already and it’s tough not to make that jump. Truthfully, I think the only reason I haven’t is my 2 year old knows her seasons and has recently learned that Santa Claus brings presents..I fear if we put the tree up now that will be 2 months of thinking Ol’ Saint Nick is coming every night.

5* This is a bonus- My daughter is currently serenading me with her Doc McStuffins microphone as I write this post. It’s loud, and she’s louder. Why does this make me happy? She is living life, unrestricted, and loves to sing and dance. I may have sang and danced around almost daily while pregnant, and to say my daughter just feels the music in her soul is an understatement.

Finding happiness and expressing gratitude is a goal each of us strive for. Gratitude helps to develop our personality (more optimistic, less materialistic), can help to strengthen our emotions, and even reduce our stress levels in realizing the important versus minute things in life. Gratitude is not a cure-all, but it is an underutilized tool in improving your happiness. What is making you happy today?



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