6 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

6 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

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6 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Congratulations you’re pregnant, and if you’re reading this, chances are baby is coming soon! Unless of course, you are like I was and read everything before even becoming pregnant, and managed to find even more to read during; that’s okay too! Your due date is fast approaching so let’s dive in!

Use this guide to get work done whether you need to re-evaulte your childproofing or your due date is fast approaching.

Target high-traffic zones. And I don’t just mean carpet. Some of the most germ filled areas aren’t your home door knobs, but the sinks, countertops, refrigerator handles, cutting boards, sponges, toilet handles, etc,  ick! If you want to bring your newborn home to tidy digs, make sure you do a once over in your last days of prep. Already in the hospital? If your partner has to stop home for anything have them give everything a wipe down.

Perform a Safety Test. Babies become mobile almost over night. Mine crawled at 5 months, was walking along furniture and walls by 6 months and walking by herself at a day shy of 9 months. Now I don’t think you need to go crazy and baby-proof everything just yet but be especially mindful of harmful chemicals and lock those away. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you store harmful chemicals, and cleaning products, locked away and out of reach. Check the batteries or install both fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

Laundry Time Management.  Do laundry ahead of time. Baby clothes are ADORABLE. I remember staring at little socks just smiling, if they aren’t the cutest thing, I’m not sure what is. But having the time to fold those little socks, tops, pants, onesies, and jammies once your newborn arrives (and you are healing) may not be a reality. Set aside some time to do this a few weeks before their due date.

Laundry Organization. I highly recommend getting a separate hamper for your baby. Those little clothes are so sweet and so delicate, that it makes a world of a difference being able to keep track of all those little socks and onesies.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization. Clear out a shelf and drawer for all things baby; a blender or baby food processor, the many many bottles you will have and the associated cleaning supplies, pump, bowls, sippy cups, spoons, etc. You will need more room then you think.

Organize Your Refrigerator. Make room in your fridge(and freezer). You will need room for the pumped milk that your partner can give your baby to help you out every once in a while. You may also need room if family brings you food in the first days.

Congratulations to you! 

Already had your little one, what did you do to get your house ready before your baby came home?

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