7.5 Months Pregnant | My Glucose Test Experience & Video Update

I am 7.5 months pregnant! Not only are we growing at a faster rate, but her kicks, and punches are strong enough to wake me up at night! 🙂
Our baby girl could be here anywhere from the next 7-9 weeks or so! There is a new video on my YouTube channel where I talk about weight gain and the difficult feelings associated with that, cloth diapers, rib kicks (the joy!), and breathing issues.
1/2 way through the ‘orange drink.’ Not my favorite but
not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

If you follow me on Instagram you also saw I took the dreaded ‘glucose’ test, and passed, YAY! After hearing how many women disliked this drink I took pictures to commemorate the moment, and you know what? It wasn’t bad.

I made it! What you can’t see..baby girl’s doing karate kicks and chops from all the sugar!

When I arrived at my doctor’s office I was given a sugar solution that contained 50grams of glucose (holy cow!). It tastes like a very sweet orange soda, which you have 5 minutes to drink. An hour later your blood is drawn to see how efficiently your blood processes sugar. I took this hour to chat with the nurses (they crack me up), and vlog

. I was warned this may make me feel dizzy, light-headed etc, and for that reason they have you stay close-by (bring a book, or relax in your car). This test checks for gestational diabetes, a high blood sugar condition that some 2-5 % of women get during pregnancy. The condition rarely causes noticeable symptoms which is why it is important to have the test done. As pregnant women we take so many tests throughout these 9/10 months, think of the bright side here, this time they’re willing to give you something sweet to drink while waiting for your blood draw..

Catch up on what happened last week by watching my NEW pregnancy video below:
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