9 Months Pregnant | Video Blog

Hi Guys! As you know I’m pregnant (I feel like that is an understand once your 9 months and beyond) lol; and I would love for our little girl to come join us!  After being in “false labor” and having daily contractions, I waited until I was considered full term and decided now’s as good a time as any to start the old wives tales that will supposedly jump start labor.


The first order of business however was getting the carseat inspected..
I was very excited that I found a parking space right in front of my local fire department. So excited I commemorated the moment with a picture haha (if you’ve ever been pregnant you understand). Lord knows I would’ve had such a hard time if I had to waddle up a hill!

I’m vlogging what’s hopefully the last few days before our next chapter begins..Check out my new video and follow me around the day! It’s full of baby bumps, OOTDs, carseat certifications and more!

Click Play Below!


Hope you enjoyed this post. =)
xo, Kelly
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