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I have been doing a good deal of personal crafting, and by good deal, I mean a lot! I always envisioned myself an artist of sorts. From a young age, creating (art, digitally, writing) was always something I enjoyed and excelled at. I would sit and write my own short stories, loved writing essays in grade school through college, crocheted and knitted with my grandmothers, meticulously drew and put together plays, loved being outdoors and cultivating gardens, and have a passion for photography and videography that is unparalleled (beyond my family and faith of course). Even in my professional career I did marketing, creating digital and hard-copy for large corporations. The latter was more tedious than fun but that’s to say that creativity has always been a part of my life. As an adult, life often gets in the way of hobbyist pursuits but I long ago made a promise to myself to revisit the things I enjoyed and push myself to learn more.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for the last 7 years or so, is create for my space. When we bought our home we took many trips to the design studio, taking our time picking out flooring, cabinetry, doors, you name it, designing and making our home our own. I loved meeting with contractors, checking on our lot and sitting down with designers and selecting some of these items. Don’t get me wrong, there were some headaches along the way and one or two things I’d now change, but it really made the entire experience special. Also special, was picking out the pieces for our home (our home furnishings-sofas, tables, decor etc). Being the ‘designer’ of the family, I had creative-license but always worked as a team in making our house our home. We’ve yet to pick out bar stools and my husband wants to change out our nightstands eventually, but I don’t feel like one is truly ever done with their space. If you feel like you are, kudos to you, but you’ll often find me looking at a wall just thinking of the next project, or planning crafts for my daughter who also loves art.


So now that you’ve got a bit of background into how creating has always been a part of my life, let’s move forward. I’m also very frugal. Ask my husband and he’ll tell you that’s a bit of an understatement. I often find things out-and-about and think, “that gorgeous, but I can make that myself for a fraction of the price,” or “that’s cute, but I would customize this a bit.” Even when I’ve had no idea what I was doing, I would take the time after everyone was asleep, and learn.  I’d read and teach myself or re-familiarize myself with techniques and set out to try. Because after all, trying is the first step. I wrote a post about my fitness struggles here and one of the things I most enjoyed about that post was my last line,

“Let’s get real, in a world of business, creativity and love, you’re never really done. You just keep going!”-KellysVida

And keep going I shall, I have made goals for myself to make sure that I encourage my own creative enthusiasm and license and that I never let that light dim. It is so important to find passion in what you do. If anyone knows anything about me it is that I am passionate about being the best mom I can possibly be. I made that promise to myself when I was a child and it is one that has never wavered and I that I work on each and every day. Also important is a passion project of your own, one solely dependent on you, a child is these things yes, but I’m talking about something that gets the wheels spinning, the gears turning, and that keeps you just a little more human. My passion is to create, create life, experiences, love and a thriving child, and to create with my own two hands. I look forward to sharing more projects with you, Lord knows I have many and now a whole crafting workspace. That piece of me is here and thriving. Never let your lights dim. 

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