D is for Dot : Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week: D

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It’s time for another Letter of the Week! Today we are crafting with the Letter “D.” In the interest of transparency we did this craft a fews months ago, so it is indeed coming from the vault.

Letter of the Week: D

If you’ve been following along on social media you know that we’ve been pretty sick for a little while now (flu season). I am so happy to say that minus a few lingering coughs, we are feeling so much better. December is also a busy month for us, between family vacations and my little’s birthday we are busy bees.

Nonetheless, I loved our letters of the week centric crafts and wanted to share this! This letter of the week involves fine motor skills, paint and q-tips here we come!

Letter of the Week: D

D is a fun letter, the craft ideas are ample as there are so many words that start with the letter D. I like to employ fine motor skills where appropriate and using q-tips which force little fingers to grasp and pinch was the perfect solution. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we used these letter of the week crafts as a supplement to practicing penmanship but these crafts are appropriate for teaching letter recognition as well.

Letter of the Week: D

“D” is for Dot

  • Construction Paper
  • Non-toxic washable glue-stick or children’s craft glue
  • Paint (washable, non-toxic)
  • Q-tips


  1. Cut out the letter “D”
  2. Have child glue the letter to the construction paper
  3. Dip q-tips into paint and “dot” your letter “D”
  4. Let dry and display proudly!

Letter of the Week: D

Letter of the Week: D


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Letter of the Week: D

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