My baby girl gets a kick out of pulling wipes out of their package. While I encourage her exploratory enthusiasm it can get to be a spendy and wasteful activity that she’s designed for herself. This activity will take less than 15 minutes to put together (if you add shapes, letters, & numbers) and may be able to cost you $0 to make.


I will provide a full video tutorial on my youtube channel (here), but here’s a quick list of items you may or may not have on hand.
  • Empty hardcover wipes container (we used pampers wipes)
  • Several sheets of colorful fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue


What I love about this toy is it’s completely customizable. We added numbers and letters to aid in teaching her to count and learning her ABC’s. You can do without the addition of letters and numbers and simply use fabric. At this age they may be more interested in pulling out the wipes which still makes it a fantastic motor and sensory activity.


To get step-by-step instructions and see my baby’s first reaction click play below.



VERDICT:  Baby Approved! Audrey loves closing the lid just to open it again and pulls out each and every piece one by one.