Female Societal Expectations That Need to Die

Today we’re talking about something near and dear to my heart, societal expectations. Why is this topic near and dear to me? Because even in 2015, as progressive as the world has become, the societal expectations of women continue to weigh in. Here’s a few that need to die:

1. We will all become a bridezilla. I give ZERO you know what’s about seating arrangements. Fun fact, there are plenty of women out there who, ‘girly’ as they may be couldn’t care less. The pressure on women to create the perfect wedding could make even the most mellow, snap!

2. We need to be bubbly at work. HA! If you’re like me, you just want to do a great job and get sh*t done! Point blank, period, end of story. Are men expected to be a bouncing ray of sunshine, rainbows, and homemade cookies? No? Neither should we, deal with it.

3. We must know how to cook and clean. “But can she cook and clean though?” I hear that question in many of my guilty-pleasure reality shows, you know the ones. Why should the measure of how great a woman is include cooking and cleaning? Can YOU cook? Can YOU clean? None of us are born with the recipe for chicken alfredo in our brain. The fact that many men sit around discussing if their mate cooks shows just how much further we as a people have to progress. If your husband knows how to spray Windex, he knows how to clean, don’t let him tell you otherwise.

4. Women love bad-boys. No. Just no.

5. Women are complicated. Everyone is complicated. Have you seen a man upset about his haircut, his muscle-tone, his coworkers?..Complicated.

6. We will all die without chocolate. No. Coffee possibly, but only because we’re fueling ourselves for a kick-ass day.

7. We need to exude sexuality at all times, but careful, not too much. I’m writing this in sweat-pants, a tank, and have a baby laying on me, is that sexy enough? The pressure for women to exude just the right amount of sexuality so as not to be coined a slut, or a prude is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the reaction to the women who chose not to wear makeup in the workplace as if they are any less professional. I could go on and on about this topic, but the fact of the matter is, confidence and integrity are the only things we need to exude.

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What are some societal expectations that grind your gears?




  1. March 5, 2015 / 3:45 am

    Growing up I thought a women needed to know how to cook and clean man like as a kid I was so scared I wouldn't be able to cook LOL I mean I am not the worst cook I am getting better but it is silly how the world thinks that women need to be all of this, no you do not. Do what you want 😀


    • March 6, 2015 / 7:33 pm

      Exactly. I happen to know how to cook but it doesn't define me 😉

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