I is for Instrument & Insect | Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week: I is for Insect

It’s time for another Letter of the Week! Today we are crafting with the Letter “I.” “I” is such a great letter just a few straight lines and BAM, done! It’s not only great because of that but because “I” is for instruments and insects and those subjects are pretty limitless.



“I” is for Instrument/Insect Craft Supplies 

  • Construction Paper
  • Non-toxic washable glue-stick or children’s craft glue
  • Scissors
  • You may use instrument or insect stickers or choose to draw your own like I did


  1. Cut out the letter “I”
  2. Have child glue the respective insects or instruments to the letter
  3. Let dry and display proudly!

PIN this I IS FOR INSTRUMENT KID CRAFT to save for later!

Letter of the Week: I is for Insect

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Happy crafting!


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