You Just Keep Going!

With a trailer and toddler in tow, I biked 6 miles this morning. Trailer + toddler is an extra 50 + pounds by the way. And, yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. Let me tell you why I did this, and why I chose today.

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I tend to really push myself with workout programs. I was an athlete growing up and have learned the discipline required in mastering a skill set. I’ve done them all; P90x, insanity, kickboxing, Denise Austin, etc. Yet time and time again, I find myself complaining about how something always happens to steer me off course or physically prevent me from continuing (torn ligaments, pregnancy, not seeing results, breastfeeding, you know, the usual culprits).

I was secretly dreading starting a new routine knowing for one reason or another a daily workout may not happen. I have realized what I need is not a program, but to integrate exercise into my current lifestyle. I don’t want to beat myself up over a lack of results after 60 days, or compare myself to the next woman who doesn’t hold weight while nursing, or eats all the pasta in the world and has the metabolism of a much younger me.

I have been integrating healthier meal choices into my lifestyle of late but today when I woke up, I WANTED to exercise, and I was going to! When I realized I had some time before my daughter woke up, I went straight to our home gym space and set up the bike trailer. It felt so incredibly refreshing not to start a workout video. I set a cycling app to chart my time, and distance and about 40 minutes later we were on our way. When I looked at the display and saw that not only had I cycled 4.3 miles, but my daughter was happy, AND I was still breathing well, I thought, great, just keep going! It was the best surprise!

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Throughout the entire ride I was focused on my form, my breath, ideas for this blog, the fun we would have together once we got home, and making sure I kept this a fun no pressure activity for myself. I was so focused on all of those things that I finished a 6 mile ride with enough energy to do a quick yoga video. Don’t get me wrong.. I was tired after it all! But that is the beauty of fitting something into your lifestyle. It was so rewarding to enjoy a ‘workout.’  I am writing this to remind myself that what I did this morning is exactly what I need to keep doing. Stop freaking out about the overwhelming big picture, and focus on the day-to-day actions that will get me where I want to be. Because let’s get real, in a world of fitness, business, creativity and love, you’re never really done. You just keep going!


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