How To Make Fake Snow

I am so excited to share this fun toddler activity today. We’re hoping to get a little snow close enough for a day trip this year, and even though it’s already in the 30’s F at night, there’s no sign of snow happening. In the mean time and in honor of winter we have decided to make fake snow for the first time. This was such a hit for an afternoon at home and we saved it for later to play with.

How to Make Fake Snow

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How to Make Fake Snow

How to Make Fake Snow

I like to do activities like these in a large tub; easy cleanup that contains the mess is what I’m all about.

Beyond being powdery and fluffy, this snow is naturally cold, making it rather realistic. You only need TWO ingredients to make it; baking soda and shaving cream- two things most people already have on hand.

How to Make Fake Snow

How to Make Fake Snow via KELLYSVIDA.COM

How to Make Fake Snow


*I purchased both items from the dollar store that way we could use anything left over for future crafting.

Add your desired amount of baking soda to a container or plastic tub. We used one full box and having done it, I would recommend a minimum of 2 boxes.

Mix in shaving cream. My can was rather large, eyeball dependent on how much baking soda you used. As you mix it in you will discover a wonderful moldable snow. Because I feel learning is best hands on I sprayed the cream with my toddler and once we had a mountain of shaving cream we mixed both ingredients with our hands. This is messy, if you are looking to cut down on mess do this with the use of a spoon.

The snow smells fresh, and is naturally cold and so fun. We added Christmas-themed cookie cutters, a measuring spoon, a foam paintbrush, farm animals, fences and trees, and had a blast hiding animals, eating pretend leaves and molding the snow into snowballs, mountains, etc.

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