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Create a magical craft with your child with our U is for Unicorn kid craft Idea!! Today we’re continuing our ‘Letter of the Week,’ series with the letter “U.” Construction paper and rainbow-colored pipe cleaners come together to form a unicorn within minutes. Let’s grab those craft supplies and get to crafting.

Letter of the Week U is for Unicorn

Fine motor skills opportunity: squeezing glitter glue

Because my daughter knows all of her letters and all of their respective sounds as I mentioned in this post here, we are currently working on handwriting skills. In order to effectively pen letters it is important to have an array of both gross and fine motor skills. I tend to gear towards a learning is fun approach when teaching, so we do not just sit and pen letters but we do arts and crafts and other fun activities to expand that skill set. We have been working on a variety of letters, and today I’ll be sharing with you, the letter U.

U is for Unicorn Letter of the Week


“U” is for Unicorn Craft Supplies 

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Construction Paper
  • Washable Non-Toxic Children’s Craft Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Optional Glitter glue, glitter, crayons


  1. Cut out a large “U” shape that will be the body of a unicorn
  2. With the remaining “U” color, cut out a head (small oval shape)
  3. Cut out a small triangular shape for the unicorn’s horn.
  4. Grab your purple paper (or any color that meets your fancy). Have child glue the U and the head to the center of the paper. Glue the unicorn’s horn to the paper as well.
  5. Now you are ready for the unicorns mane! Grab your scissors and pipe cleaners. Cut out several 2-4 inch portions to create the tail and mane of the unicorn. *I used shorter pieces for the mane and longer pieces for the tail.
  6. Have your children glue their pipe cleaners in place. Add a googly eye and any other embellishments.
  7. Let dry, and display proudly!

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