R is For Rain | Kid Craft Letter of The Week

R is for Rain Letter of the Week

It’s time for another letter of the week! Today’s kid craft centers around the letter R. Join us in making rain and a rainbow in this fun craft that helps to teach penmanship, and letter recognition.

When I realized my daughter can write the letter R, I scrambled to come up with a craft associated so as to work on form and continue through the alphabet. Our end goal will be creating a book of all her (small) letter crafts A-Z. She continues to amaze me with the things she is doing! In fact between ‘Grandparents Day,’ and a friend’s birthday in early September she wrote cards for both and as parents of a 2-year-old, that was so exciting for us!

This kid craft is a fun and easy one.

“R” is for Rain Craft Supplies 

  • Construction Paper
  • Non-toxic washable glue-stick or children’s craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Balls (optional)


  1. Cut out the letter R
  2. Cut out your raindrops. They can be circles, tear shaped, whatever floats your boat.
  3. Have child glue the raindrops to the letter “R.”
  4. Have child add cotton balls for clouds if desired.
  5. Let dry and display proudly!

How To Teach

Handwriting: R is a tricky letter, there are straight lines, curves and slanted lines. We worked on writing the letter R with my handy lined pad I mentioned in my back to school haul here. and then  moved on to the crafting activity.

Letter Recognition: If your child is working on letter recognition, keep this experiment light. Have fun showing them the letter R and explain R is for rain. Remind them what rain is or show them an image if they are unsure. Rain starts with the letter, “R,” let’s make rain!

We also made a rainbow.

R is for Rainbow Craft


Hooray for the letter R!

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Happy crafting!


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