Science for Toddlers: Melting Ice

Toddler Science Melting Ice
Fine Motor & Sensory Science for Toddlers | Melting Ice

There are a lot of different science experiments involving melting ice and I’m sure we’ll be back to explore more as my daughter ages. When we did this experiment it was 107*F and I don’t know about you, but that is just too hot for me! I wanted to enjoy another stay-cool experiment involving water so we talked about how water becomes ice, and when it melts. And of course, we have a video, | CLICK HERE |

Toddler Science Ice Melting

Because my daughter knew ice is frozen water and it does indeed melt I thought we’d boost the experiment by employing some fine motor skills. We grabbed our food coloring, chose some colors and made our own colored ice. Squeezing these small tubes into a confined space and again, stirring the ice-tray in a pre-determined space is a great fine motor skills opportunity.

While the ice cubes froze we grabbed a glass of cool tap water and a glass of heated water and set out to determine in which cup the ice would melt faster.

Toddler Science Melting Ice

Toddler Science Ice Melting

I love watching my child think and come up with answers to things, it’s like you can just see the wheels spinning.

Toddler Science Melting Ice

We also left a cup of ice outside and guessed what would happen to it. The ice melted and turned into water, and not only that but it was warm water (because of the temperature outside). What a great spin to that part of the lesson!

When the colored ice was frozen we had some play-time! I proved my daughter with three bowls, one with the ice, one with water, and one empty. I also laid out kitchen tongs, and a ladle.

Toddler Science Melting Ice

Toddler Science Melting Ice

We just played with the ice, using the tongs to move the ice between bowls and the ladle for ice or water and mixing as well. Because we had multiple colors of ice we were able to watch the colors change and talk about what was happening. She really enjoyed today’s experiments! I’m not quite sure what we’ll do next, but I look forward to it! | CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO |

What’s your favorite way for your children to play and learn with water or ice? If you try out our activity we’d love to see it. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter!

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