The Husband’s Quick Guide to Surviving Pregnancy

The Husband’s Quick Guide to Surviving Pregnancy 


I suspect many fathers-to–be out there are getting a crash course in the highs and lows, and by lows I mean changes in mood, size, and activities of pregnancy. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you make it through the first several (and potentially all) months of pregnancy with your sanity and by sanity I mean your relationship intact. And for good measure, these tips can be extended to your marriage/relationship whether your lady is pregnant or not 😉

We {women} are extra sensitive during pregnancy. I’m talking about us crying because you touched your feet while folding laundry (personal story, been there), getting irritated because you tell us our pregnancy is making us angry when really it’s just you (lol, again, been there)..First tipDo not ever blame any of our moods or feelings on the pregnancy, even if it was at some point, now it’s solely about you; ((this also goes for postpartum hormones)). We will cry, laugh, argue, and repeat all within the span of an hour. We seem to experience every emotion at once, so please, get used to it.

That being said here’s some simple tips to help BOTH of you make it through pregnancy:

Claim Her 

“I love you so much, I can’t wait to be a Dad.”

“You are the best wife.”

“You mean the world to me and I just KNOW you’ll be an amazing mom.”

Take her on a date here and there. Have a no cell phones policy (I know I can’t be the only one who hates eating while their spouse is browsing through their phone).

It’s SO easy to feel like a whale while pregnant (I can feel the ladies nodding here). And by whale I don’t mean a majestic creature that sails through the ocean water and beautifully through the air while..I mean a huge 600-2,500+ pound creature that can get beached and not move at all. So take her out, compliment her (not just when she’s angry), let her know that you’re still attracted to her.
*And if she asks you if she’s ‘fat,’ for your safety, do not EVER say yes.

Be a Part of The Household 

Clean the house without being asked..whether you’d like to or not, just start cleaning..Don’t announce it and let her know you’re cleaning, just do it. She’ll be thrilled..Seriously.

Not sure what to clean? The best bet is always a bathroom, the kitchen, and vacuum while you’re at it, there’s no such thing as a carpet that’s too clean.

Make sure she’s taking time for herself. If she’s on bed-rest don’t assume that means she has time to indulge and relax. She’s sore, cranky, irritable, exhausted, sick.. make sure she’s able to do things she’d like to do.

Private And Public Embarrassing Moments 

I made it through my pregnancy without any embarrassing public moments, but things definitely become more transparent at home once pregnant. The discussion of your breast size, stretch marks, veins, invasive questions at doctor’s appointments, peeing when you laugh, all come with the territory. Don’t laugh and tell her any of it’s gross.. this will most definitely result in couch or floor sleeping if not for the night, for the duration of the pregnancy and possibly beyond. I’m sure all daddys-to-be have heard that warning a few times.

If you’re cringing at the thought of some of the more sensitive topics of pregnancy, help her to feel better; surprise her with a few spa-days here and there. Treat her to get her hair done, a manicure and pedicure, a pregnancy safe wax or massage. Massage her aching feet, back, shoulders..just give her a whole body massage. Nightly would be ideal, but do this randomly as well. She’ll be happy and glowing and so will you.

Happy Wife, Happy Life. Happy pregnant wife? Jackpot.

Tell Her 

That you love her and that she is beautiful. Tell her she is going to be an amazing mother and looks great during pregnancy. Tell her thank you..for the back pains, the vominting, the endless doctor’s appointments, the seemingly teeny tiny bladder, the backaches, the migraines, the mood swings(yes those), the acne, the weight gain.. Thank her not just because it’s amazing, then thank her because you didn’t have to experience those things yourself.

Do not wait until she is upset because you only vacuumed one spot instead of the entire house. Do not, I repeat do not only tell her this mid-disagreement. Tell her often and tell her randomly, she’ll appreciate it, even if her response is “sure, goodnight”

And always remember, you are not lost in the shuffle of things. This is a time where yes, pretty much everything is about the baby and mommy-to-be because she’s growing your little one for the two of you. But remember you had a part in this beautiful creation, her aches, pains, acne, nausea, appointments are being handled for the two of you. The labor, delivery, child birth and recovery period..the same. You are a father-to-be, a daddy-to-be and very soon the daddy of an amazing bundle of joy. Remember that as tough as you think you may have it or as easy as you may think she has it, she doesn’t; not in the slightest. Handle these 9 months well and the rest will follow suit. The love you have for your wife will grow exponentially as will hers for you. Hang in there, once you have a newborn it’ll all make sense…

Hope you enjoyed this post. =)
xo, Kelly
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