Using Texture To Create a Cozy Bedroom

How To Create a Cozy Bedroom

I have always loved the shorter days. Where the day just seamlessly blends into a brisk evening and the sun begins its descent behind the hills around 5.  In winter I have always found a sense of tranquility and comfort. While our little one snuggles in a cozy blanket with a book or pad of paper and crayons and the lights glow from the inside, I can’t help but feel a sense of peace at home. We had our HOUSE built (new construction) but I take such joy in creating a HOME for our family, and I think it’s important to understand there is a distinct difference between those two words.

A large part of creating your home is the feeling you get when there, let’s dive into how to make your space cozy. The best places to start are the bedrooms in your home. During this time of year it’s dark and cold when we wake up and when we go to bed, it’s where we start and end our days and for some reason is often the most overlooked.

There is one element without which no room is complete, texture. All of the good designers know this secret and it can truly take your space to the next level. Without enough textured elements a space can feel sterile and cold. However, those bursting with elements may read as busy or even dirty to others, it is important to find a balance.

Boho Earth Inspired Countertop


Add texture with plants.
Plants are a texture — in fact, they are the original texture. Not only has having plants around been shown to improve your mood, they purify the air. A win all around.

Boho Bedroom Indoor Plants

Boho Bedroom Indoor Plants

Add texture with faux fur.
A simply genius way to add interest and texture to furniture and floor. If you’re an animal lover, go faux!

Boho Earth Inspired Bedroom

Add texture with woodgrain.
Woodgrain- Trees are all texture and wood is a beautiful way to experiment

Boho Earth Inspired Bedroom

Add texture with window treatments.
I recently added a few new window treatments that we didn’t have our builder install and it really helped to make the space more inviting. Shown in the right window, wooden blinds were added to help create dimension, privacy, and added interest.

Wood Blinds

What are some of your favorite elements in your bedroom?

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