How to Enjoy Valentines Day by Yourself


How To Enjoy Valentines Day By Yourself

Whether you’re single, a mom, wife, or spouse in need of a bit of relaxation, Valentines Day isn’t just for couples, it’s for individuals as well. If you feel like it’s a marketing-created holiday, you too, can still join in, we won’t tell! Let’s talk how to enjoy this day for yourself.

  1. See a movie that you’ve been wanting to see. 
    You know that movie that’s been on your list since 2016, the one that’s now on Hulu or Netflix that you never made time to see? Or maybe it’s still in theaters and you’ve been telling everyone that it looks great. Buy a ticket and go! Cry ugly tears during a heartfelt drama, laugh loud or enjoy a cultured documentary.
  2. Take a Pinterest-worthy bath/shower.
    We’re talking mood music, bubbles, the intoxicating aroma of shower gels, and a good book; light in a candle or two, refill the hot water, stay in a little longer than usual and wash all your stress away.
  3. Get the shoes.
    Buy yourself a gift! You will always treasure it as a gift from someone special, you.
  4. Read a book.
    Unplug for the night and immerse yourself in a good story. This is your chance to escape into another dimension, free of computers, phones, and small-talk. No doubt your Valentines Day will be stress-free.
  5. Do something you love.
    Carve out some time for your favorite hobby. My creative directions have definitely shifted. What I chose to share and stress about have also shifted and it’s pretty fantastic. Find a passion that is stress free for you, light some candles, paint a piece of art, bake a sweet treat just for yourself or a 2-course meal. Spend your night doing the thing you love most for YOURSELF.
  6. Tell yourself how amazing you are.
    You are talented, beautiful, intelligent and loved. Take a minute to remind yourself just how special you are!

No matter how you plan to spend your holiday, it will be amazing because it is with you!

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