WELCOME to the new KellysVida.com !

Have you ever bought workout clothes to inspire yourself to get off your ass? Well, relaunching and redesigning your website does the same for blogging!

I love blogging, LOVE IT. It’s such a creative way to expand on topics I find interesting and an outlet for photography and videography which I have honed in on and really love. I have wanted to relaunch my site for so long, but did not feel comfortable doing so when I felt it would take away from time spent with my daughter. So, I turned to vlogging knowing I don’t want to miss anything (even then I was asking myself, when will I have time to edit?). Cue the external hard drives full of pictures and videos. Mamarazzi and proud.


For those unfamiliar, vlogging is essentially video logging your day. Remember those huge cameras from the 80s and 90s that our childhood videos are on? You know, where everyone has a washed out hue and most of the time the kids aren’t even in the frame? Yup just like that! Except of course I film using a DSLR at 4K or 1080p :p  I’ve been vlogging consistently on youtube (here) and love it. I am able to easily look back on my pregnancy, delivery and precious princess as she grows and in the process, create a priceless gift for my family. Where do I find time to edit? Nap time, once a week. The rest of those nap times are for lunch and dinner prep, household schedules, and deep cleaning whatever I don’t want little hands getting into.

Since nap times are fairly reliable, and my mini is a toddler I have decided to dip my toes back in and relaunch my site. Not only that but I am still doing youtube videos (here)!  I’m excited to see what’s in store as I don’t plan on going anywhere. So this is my slice of the web where all the mamas, non-mamas, women and hell anyone can share thoughts, ideas, and inspire each other. I’m sure more changes will come, but I feel so very excited to blog again. The workout analogy is so true. So here I am getting off my ass (okay, I’m sitting while I write this), and relaunching all things KellysVida.

What will you find on this site? Meatless meals, lifestyle posts, parenting tips (raises hand-that is me after all), and inspirational posts. See you soon!



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